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$8 Dysport All June Long • Save Money and Tighten Skin with Pellevé or Pellefirm • Starting June 13th Save on Latisse • 20% off Breast Implants Surgeon’s FeeBOTOX Immediate Rebate #REDUX plus $9 Units Through June For Qualifying Patients • 20% off NeoGraft Hair Transplantation • Juvéderm Journey20% off Breast Augmentation Fee$100 off Kybella!Happy Birthday!

$8 Dysport All June Long!$8 Dysport All June Long

All June long, enjoy #Dysport at $8 per unit. Dysport is an injectable using abobotulinumtoxinA to reduce the look of frown lines between the eyebrows. More information here. Call today (865) 342-0300.

Details: Call and make your appointment for Dysport injections: (865) 342-0300. Offer good on appointments through June 30th. No prepays. Not to be included with any other offers, some exclusions may apply.

Save on Pellevé or Pellefirm at The Breazeale ClinicSummer-ready with beautiful, firm skin!

Get summer-ready for your next event: tighten skin on face + neck (Pellevé) or tush + upper thighs (Pellefirm) for $400. (A $250 savings.) Purchase package of 4 treatments for $1,500. Good through June 30th. Information on Pellefirm is here, and information for Pellevé is here. #Pellefirm #Pelleve. Call today (865) 342-0300.

Details: Call and make your appointment for your Pellevé or Pellefirm service: (865) 342-0300. Offer good on appointments through June 30th. No prepays. Not to be included with any other offers, some exclusions may apply.

Latisse Double BD Points
Starting June get double BD points and save money on Latisse!

(STARTING JUNE 13th) Get a 5mL box of Latisse for the special price of $115 and get double the BD points through July 31st. Purchase as many as you like but you’ll only get double BD points for two boxes. Call or stop by to get yours starting June 13th: (865) 342-0300.

Details: Offer good starting June 13th. You will only get double BD points for up to two boxes. Call with questions: (865) 342-0300. If you aren’t yet an Allergan Brilliant Distinctions member yet, it’s totally worth it! Sign up here, and please call us if you have any trouble or any questions.

20% off Breast Implants Surgeon's Fee!!!!
Get 20% off Surgeon’s Fee when you get Breast Implants in 2017!

All year, get 20% off the surgeon’s fee, PLUS 20 units of Botox!!!! It’s so much fun turning 20 we are sharing the fun with you, our amazing patients! Turn your Facebook notifications on and keep coming back to this page because there’s more to come! #twenty #BreazealeClinic #BreastImplantSavings #Botox

Details: Call and make your appointment for your complimentary consultation and get 20% off surgeon’s fee plus 20 units of Botox after surgery. Offer good for implants only, some exclusions apply. (865) 342-0300.

BotoxRebateRedux.WebsiteBotox Rebate Redux…Plus $9 Units through June!

If you received a $50 instant rebate savings with Brilliant Distinctions earlier this year then you are eligible for another – and $9.00 a unit on your Botox for the months of May and June. Call to make your appointment: (865) 342-0300.

Details: Only Brilliant Distinctions patients who redeemed the immediate rebate earlier in 2017 are eligible. Tell the office you receive a rebate earlier in 2017 and are wanting your second $50 instant rebate, with $9 Botox. One additional rebate per qualified customer. Through June: (865) 342-0300. 

Get 20% off NeoGraft for eyebrow or scalp hair transplantation at The Breazeale Clinic!Eyebrow envy? How about a sweetie with a receding hairline?

NeoGraft hair transplantation has helped so many women get the eyebrows they want…and it’s the quickest, most natural-looking and pain-free way to fix the receding hairline or bald spot on your honey too. During 2017 we’re offering 20% off in honor of our 20th anniversary! So call and get your complimentary consultation and get the eyebrows or hairline you’ve been dreaming of: (865) 342-0300. #BreazealeClinic #Twenty

Details: 20% off and complimentary consultation for NeoGraft hair transplantation. Call (865) 342-0300. Good through December 31st, 2017.

Juvederm Journey PromotionBetter pricing on Juvéderm makes the journey of aging less rocky!

How will you handle the journey of aging? Juvéderm Collection is ready to go the distance with you because its versatility makes it great at every stage. We’re happy to offer our Juvéderm Journey program. Begin your journey with the 1st syringe of Juvéderm Voluma for $800 and all additional syringes are $650. And you don’t have to get all the syringes at once. You can space them 1 month apart, and if you don’t need 3, you can get 2. Second, you’ll get Juvéderm for $350/syringe. The final part is Botox, of course. Anyone who participates in the Journey program receives Botox for just $9/unit. Wow! #JuvedermJourney #BreazealeClinic. Learn more about the Juvéderm Collection, and see before and after pictures.

Details: Get Juvéderm Voluma for $800 first syringe, $650 additional syringes. Juvéderm at $350/syringe. Botox at $9/unit when purchasing the Juvéderm Collection in this offer. Not to be included with any other offers, some exclusions may apply.

Kybella Coupon!$100 off Kybella and get rid of a little neck fat too!

Who doesn’t love saving some cash on a product they were already interested in buying? Well everyone does, and Kybella is a product that most men and women could totally benefit from. Do you have something some might call a double chin? Turkey neck? Well stop all that with Kybella. Details are here.

Details: Get a coupon for $100 off Kybella by going to mykybella.com/coupon. Coupon valid through June 30th, 2017. #BreazealeClinic #twenty #KybellaCoupon

Birthday SpecialsAlways a special month when it’s your birthday! Plus we’ve added a new special!

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Well you’re extra special to us during your birthday month! Any day of your birth month you are eligible to receive big savings on Botox, Juvéderm, Juvéderm Voluma, Chemical Peels PLUS we’ve added 20% off all Aesthetics Services! (Aesthetics Service would include Aesthetic services are things like Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Facials, Waxing, Microneedling, PelleFirm® and Pellevé®.) Big, fun news! Call now: (865) 342-0300. #HappyBirthday #BreazealeClinic #ItsOurBirthdayToo

Details: During your birthday month receive $9/unit Botox, Juvéderm at $420 per syringe, Juvéderm Voluma at $750 per syringe, Chemical Peels, and all other Aesthetics Services for 20% off. Good only if redeemed on a day during the month of your birth. Not to be included with any other offers, except Brilliant Distinctions.

Dr.E. Edward Breazeale Jr., M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 2068 Lakeside Centre Way Knoxville TN 37922 865-342-0300
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