At The Breazeale Clinic, we understand that the decision to get a breast augmentation is a personal one, and the most important part of that decision is who will perform your procedure. Dr. Breazeale focuses on each patient as an Individual, and he spends time getting to know each patient to create a treatment plan that will lead to the requested aesthetic results.

What You Can Achieve with a Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons someone may choose to seek out breast augmentation. Some things you can achieve with a breast augmentation include:

  • Bring greater balance and proportion to her body via larger breasts
  • Regain shape and add volume to breasts after a period of pregnancy and/or nursing an infant
  • Balance breasts of two different sizes or shapes
  • Breasts will sit higher on the chest, creating a fuller, youthful appearance

At The Breazeale Clinic in Knoxville, we know that the desire to make a change for the better is a natural one, and we understand that physical changes are linked to mental and emotional changes, too, so getting breast implants can alter more than just your appearance—it can impact your mood, self-confidence, and more.

Breast Implants in Knoxville

When discussing a breast augmentation, there is the decision to have Silicone or Saline breast implants. Choosing between the two is a highly personal solution, given that no two people are alike. Dr. Breazeale believes in working with and getting to know the patient in order to deliver customized results.

Silicone implants are filled with gel that mimics the natural movement and feel of natural breast tissue. This sort of implant may come in either a smooth or textured silicone shell, and is available for women 18 years of age and older.

Saline breast implants also come in a silicone shell, but have a sterilized saltwater solution inside. The amount of solution implants are filled with can affect the size and feel of the breast.

During your consultation, Dr. Breazeale will discuss your desired goals and which implant will work best for you and develop a plan unique to you and your needs, ensuring a beautiful result.

Breast Lifts in Knoxville

A breast lift, in particular, gives many women a new, more youthful look by elevating their breasts and giving them a new contour. The procedure can also alter the nipple and areolas so they will be sized appropriately and appear at an ideal height on the breast. This procedure is complementary to breast implants.

Find Your Perfect Fit with Vectra 3D Imaging

At The Breazeale Clinic, we offer top of the line, state of the art technology to ensure your goals are met. That is why we have the Vectra® 3D Imaging system that is used to explore the possible outcomes of breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries. These are two of the most popular surgeries performed in Knoxville, which makes them ideal procedures for the Vectra® 3D Imaging system.

Dr. Breazeale wants to be sure that every patient who chooses him gets the perfect fit when it comes to breast procedures. That is why he offers the Vectra® 3D Imaging system and encourages consultations that make full use of every available technology to ensure the best end results.

What Can the Vectra® 3D Imaging do?

The Breazeale Clinic is proud to offer the Vectra® 3D Imaging system as a way for patients to see what a particular breast implant, with or without breast lifting, could do for them long before any surgery takes place. This eliminates guesswork on your part, boosts confidence, and ensures that you and the doctor are on the exact same page when it comes to moving forward with your surgery.

The advanced Vectra® 3D Imaging system creates a tailor-made, personalized image of you, and allows Dr. Breazeale to generate a preview of surgical options, allowing you the chance to, in essence, “try before you buy.” This allows you to see what you’ll look like after that breast augmentation you’ve been considering.


To reduce the potential of visible scarring, surgical incisions are made in inconspicuous places. Dr. Breazeale uses what’s known as an inframammary incision for breast augmentation in Knoxville, which involves inserting the implant through an incision under the breast itself. Where a breast implant is placed depends on what kind of implant you get, its size, and your body type.

Healing from a breast augmentation will take three to four days of post-surgery recovery, with additional four weeks of reduced activity. A few weeks of soreness and swelling can also be expected. The results of a breast implant surgery are visible immediately.


It’s important to understand that the results of breast augmentation surgery are not necessarily permanent, and there’s the potential that you may need to get a breast lift or have your breast implants replaced later in your lifetime. Breasts can shift with weight gain, aging, or hormonal changes. Our philosophy at The Breazeale Clinic is that maintaining contact with our patients after surgery helps ensure that changes desired in the future can be achieved.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Adult women—who are over the age of 18—and who want to enjoy the personal benefits of breasts that are larger or more proportioned via surgery are good candidates.

Someone who is pregnant or nursing a baby, who is battling any sort of infection, or who has certain issues related to breast cancer for which she hasn’t yet received adequate treatment shouldn’t get breast augmentation surgery at this time.

Contact Us

If you’ve been considered a breast augmentation, request a consultation at our Knoxville office by calling 865-342-0300. Our goal is to make every visitor a priority because we know that a treatment or procedure isn’t a one-time deal. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, Dr. Breazeale’s team makes it our goal to be your trusted resource for years to come, helping you make changes that will last. Because appearance matters, experience matters.

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