Everybody has body hair on them and it is normal, but depending on your personal preferences, you may want some of that hair removed. When it comes to removing unwanted hair, there are options you have to choose from. As much as we wish there was a treatment to remove hair forever, no hair removal is completely permanent. On the bright side, there is an array of ways to get rid of hair for a few weeks, months, or longer periods of time.

Some of the most common ways of removing unwanted hair are shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, and derma-planing the face. There are pros and cons to each, but you should be informed on the process of each, possible side effects, and long-term effects to each. At Breazeale Clinic, we offer body waxing, laser hair removal called diolaze on our optimas system as well as dermaplaning for the face.

What Are Your Different Options for Hair Removal?

There are multiple different ways to remove unwanted hair from your body, but you may not know the details about some of the most popular. Below is a guide on some of the different options to get rid of hair.


Shaving is typically the first hair removal process people begin using. While it is a great way to get rid of hair, it is a lot of upkeep. Your skin may only stay smooth for a day or up to a few days. A razor is a sharp blade that cuts off close to the skin. Shaving is just removing the tip of the hair shaft that has come out of the skin, but the hair will grow back fairly quickly. If your hair grows quickly, you may need to shave more frequently than someone else has to.

Shaving frequently can cause dryness, irritation, redness, and serious razor bumps. Shaving removes the skin from the surface, whereas waxing is pulling the hair directly from the root which is much deeper than from the surface. One main disadvantage of shaving is that it grows back quickly and lots of women are looking for a more low-maintenance option. Another con of shaving according to Fustany is that shaving can cause dark spots. Using a razor repetitively and often can cause red or dark spots from shaving daily. Your skin may become itchy and irritated as a result of shaving.

If you decide that the best hair removal option for yourself is shaving, we have some tips for your experience to go smoothly. One of the best times to shave is in the shower or right after your shower as your skin will be moist and warm. You will want to be sure you are using shaving cream, gel, or soap. If you have sensitive skin or very dry skin, be sure to look for a shaving cream with the label “sensitive skin” or “moisturizing” to use. Always be sure to shave in the direction that the hair grows to help prevent ingrown hairs, bumps, and burns. Rinse your razor after each swipe to prevent it from getting clogged. It is critical to change your razor every 6-8 shaves minimum to keep your blade sharp and new. Be sure to moisturize with a good lotion immediately after shaving.

Body Waxing

Body waxing may be a great alternative to shaving if you are looking for something with less upkeep! While shaving just trims the hair at the skin’s surface, waxing pulls the hair follicle out by the root. This causes it to grow back softer, finer, thinner, and much slower. Waxing is a really great alternative to shaving for people who are tired of keeping up with shaving multiple times per week. It is best to wait 2 to 5 weeks in between each waxing session depending on the part of the body. For your face, underarms, and bikini areas, you may need to wax every 2 to 3 weeks. Arms and legs may be stretched a bit longer to 3 to 5 weeks at a time. The better you keep up with waxing, the less the hair will grow back.

To prepare for a wax, there are a few things you can do to make the appointment go smoothly. Exfoliating the skin with a good body scrub or exfoliating mit is a good way to prepare. Exfoliation helps the wax to stick to the hair rather than sticking to your skin which can help ease the pain a bit. You should do this 24 hours prior to your appointment. Avoid coffee and alcohol as they are both stimulants that can cause your skin to be extra sensitive to pain.

While waxing may not be the most comfortable experience, at Breazeale Clinic, you will be in good hands! Some tips are to bring out the big, comfy clothes. Large, loose clothing will allow the skin to breathe and feel more at ease. Tight clothing can trap moisture and heat against the skin causing you to feel more sensitive afterward. Showering first is a good idea to freshen up as well as you may not be able to shower for 24 hours post-waxing to let the skin cool off. Exposing the hair follicles to hot water may worsen irritation such as pain and sensitivity. At The Breazeale Clinic, we offer an array of waxing options. Our list of areas offered for waxing are upper lip/chin, brows, underarms/sideburns, bikini or Brazilian, full arms and back, or full legs with bikini. We recommend a consultation to find the perfect treatment for you!


Dermaplaning has been around for quite some time and has become a very popular way for women to get rid of excess hair growth! It is the removal of the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the more vibrant, fresher skin underneath. As it removes hair on the skin, it also provides many additional benefits such as exfoliation, reduces the appearance of lines on the face, allows the face to absorb skincare products better, and results in a smoother makeup application. Having dermaplaning done requires pretty much no recovery, and is ultimately pain-free. You will want to make sure you keep your skin moisturized after having this process done.

One advantage of dermaplaning is that you do not need to plan any downtime for recovery. You may experience some redness or have a little sensitivity for 2 to 3 days after having this done, but nothing crazy. Your skin may look brighter, appear, and feel smoother immediately after but it may take up to a few days to really love the results. As much as we’d love to have the results last forever, they unfortunately are not permanent. After about 3 weeks to a month, the results will begin to fade.

To prepare for a dermaplaning treatment, there is not much that needs to be done. You can apply moisturizer and potentially let your skin breathe from makeup for a day before the treatment, but it is not necessarily needed. An important note to take is to avoid direct sun exposure after having a dermaplaning procedure done. This may cause the skin to result in redness or swelling. If it is necessary for you to be in the sun shortly after, make sure you apply a high SPF sunscreen. Dermaplaning is a great hair removal method for the face with outstanding results!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal was accidentally discovered in the 1960’s, but became commercially available in 1996. It has been around for some time now, and is a medical procedure that involves a concentrated laser to remove unwanted hair on all different parts of the body.

The process of laser hair removal works by having a laser produce a light that gets absorbed by the pigment known as melanin in the hair. The light energy gets converted to heat resulting in damage to the sacs within the hair follicles that produce hair growth. This damage slows down or prevents future hair growth.

Although laser hair removal successfully slows down hair growth for long periods of time, it typically does not result in permanent hair removal. You will usually need to have multiple treatments done, and as you have it done more frequently, you may only need maintenance treatments. It can successfully be done on all skin and hair types especially dark hair.

Which Option Is Right For You?

While there are many different ways to remove unwanted hair, one may be a better option for you than another. This all depends on what you are looking for, and how much maintenance you want to keep up with to prevent that hair from growing back. Some may love shaving, and some may prefer getting waxed every few weeks. It is all up to your preferences! Schedule a consultation with us at The Breazeale Clinic to discover what may work best for what you are searching for!


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