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Dr. Ed Breazeale always seeks to provide the best products and services to his Knoxville-area patients, which is why he chose what is known as Follicular Unit Extraction for his hair restoration services. Knoxville is now home to NeoGraft® Automated Hair Transplantation, a system that harvests follicles from one area of the scalp and moves them to areas in need of more hair.

Men and women alike who are facing the problem of thinning hair or pattern baldness can enjoy hair restoration with this method, which works to restore hair lost or thinning on the scalp or fill in thinning eyebrows. Patients enjoy this method because it provides natural-looking results and requires minimal down time after the procedure is complete.

Learn more about the NeoGraft® hair restoration Knoxville patients can enjoy from Dr. Ed Breazeale’s practice.

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What Does Hair Restoration Involve?

NeoGraft®  Automated Hair Transplantation works by taking very small groupings of hair follicles in areas with plenty to spare, harvesting them in batches of one to four hairs each, and moving them to patches of skin in need of hair restoration.

This process is different from what is known as the “strip method,” a hair restoration technique that is more invasive and can leave a thin line of scarring where the hair was taken. The strip method can also lead to a loss of feeling at the site of the incision, and it requires a longer and sometimes painful recovery period.

Unlike this strip method, Follicular Unit Extraction leaves no scars and is, in fact, the least invasive hair restoration we found in our research into what to offer at The Breazeale Clinic. The combination of automation and technique allows for the operator to move quickly while creating precise, natural-looking results.


More About NeoGraft®  Hair Restoration

Many patients who enjoy the benefits ofNeoGraft® hair restoration report that they felt little to no discomfort during the procedure. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that NeoGraft®  does not make use of any staples, stitches, or sutures. The method also yields a short recovery time, with many patients returning to work and other daily activities the day after they receive their transplantation.


The FDA has cleared NeoGraft®  for harvesting and implanting follicles, which happens in several steps:

  • First, hair is collected from the donor area, typically on the back of the head. Each graft taken has the same diameter and length.
  • Next, the sites to receive new follicles are created according to the surgeon’s plan.
  • Finally, the grafts are individually implanted according to size and location on the scalp.

After an initial shedding of the transplanted hair, which is natural and normal, the newly moved hairs will begin to grow within a few months.

Before and after. Women are not excluded from the large group of people who experience hair loss. Thankfully NeoGraft can help!

This series of images shows a man at the following phases: 1. before 2. post-op 3. 2 weeks post-op and 4. 9 months post-op.

Learn more about the NeoGraft® hair restoration Knoxville patients can enjoy from Dr. Ed Breazeale’s practice.

Request a consultation at our Knoxville office at 865-342-0300.

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