Latisse® darkens and lengthens lashes, as well as makes them fuller, by encouraging their growth

Some people are not satisfied with the length or number of eyelashes they have, which makes Latisse®, available at The Breazeale Clinic in Knoxville, an attractive solution. The prescription treatment addresses a condition known technically as hypotrichosis—a cause of inadequate lashes.

How does Latisse® work?

Once Latisse® is prescribed by a doctor, users apply a small dose each night to the line where their lashes meet their upper eyelids. Results develop over time, starting with an increase in length. It generally takes about two months before the length, thickness, and darkness combine to create a change that many patients find to be satisfactory. They’re encouraged, however, to keep applying it for another two months, as the best results develop by week 16.

Stopping use will reverse the process, causing lashes to revert to how they looked before over a period of weeks or months. If patients want to continue using the prescription after their 16-week period, they can talk with Dr. Ed Breazeale about that possibility.


Let's talk about PRP Injections

The Breazeale Clinic in Knoxville offers Latisse® for the scalp. Call to learn more. 

The effectiveness of Latisse®

LatisseScientists ran a clinical study to determine the effectiveness of Latisse®. Their effort involved 278 participants who didn’t know whether they would be given the cosmetic or a placebo. The investigators did not know either, to ensure impartial results.

The trial ultimately found a vast difference between the two groups, with 78 percent of the patients receiving the actual treatment experiencing a significant increase in the length, darkness, and fullness of their lashes. Only 18 percent of the patients in the other group reported the same.

Of the people who regularly applied active Latisse® in the clinical trial, results revealed lashes that were 18 percent darker than before, 25 percent longer than before, and 106 percent fuller that before.

More about Latisse®

There are possible side effects to using this product, including eye redness and itching—though such symptoms were reported in only 4 percent of the patients using the product. Less commonly, it may also darken the skin of the eyelids, though such a change in pigmentation is expected to fade away in time if the patient discontinues use of the product.

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